How Long Will it Take to Repair Your Auto Glass

How Long Will it Take to Repair Your Auto Glass

Let’s face it; we all lead a busy lifestyle. This is precisely why when your auto glass needs repair; you can’t exactly wait a few days to see it get back to normal. With a tight schedule and a host of activities and chores to attend to such as commuting to work, taking your kids to school, and much more, this is exactly why you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold just because a rock chipped your auto glass.

So precisely how long will it take to repair your auto glass?

Auto glass repairs don’t usually take forever. Interestingly, many auto glass repair firms can fix a crack on your auto glass in just under an hour. In fact, there are even firms that cite that they can do the job in between 15 and 30 minutes.

How is this possible you may ask? Read on…

Auto glass companies use high-quality urethane in filling the chip or crack. This urethane fills in the chip or cracks entirely and only takes several minutes to cure and dry. On drying up, it impeccably blends in with the rest of your auto glass, like there was no chip or crack.

Of course, some chips or cracks may be too large for typical auto glass repairs. In such case, perhaps where the crack or chip is more than a quarter or subsequently spans across the entire auto glass, you will require more than just a simple repair-you might just go for a full-blown auto glass replacement. You can also opt for such where your auto glass has multiple chips or cracks.

Replacing an entire auto glass will, of course, take more time compared to a typical windshield repair; although it is still a fairly quick procedure, especially where your auto glass repair firm can send in a professional to either your home or office. In such case, the process of installing the auto glass will be complete in about one hour; however, it will take approximately three hours for it to cure and dry before you can subsequently drive your vehicle.

However, in your quest to fix your auto glass, ensure that you pick an auto glass repair and replacement firm which can guarantee that your vehicle’s windshield meets the minimum state and federal safety requirements.

Ultimately, notwithstanding what option you eventually settle on, auto glass repair and replacements never take long. If you want a replacement for your windshield, it will only take approximately four hours before you get to drive your vehicle again; and if you want a simple repair, you can count the job as good as done in as little as between 15 and 30 minutes.