How to Handle a Windshield Repair

Ever been carefully driving along when whack! A rock strikes your windscreen? Your eyes scan for damage as you wonder whether you require a windshield repair work or a complete windscreen replacement.


Fortunately is that a chip or fracture doesn’t necessarily suggest you require a replacement. Licensed repair work professionals, such as those at Safelite AutoGlass ®, can normally fix windscreen chips, nicks and cracks up to 6 inches long. No matter what your scenario is, it’s best to go to a windshield repair specialist right away. Here are 2 reasons that.




The longer you leave a windscreen chip, the most likely it will become worse. Weather modifications or just driving over a hole, speed bump or unequal surface puts extra pressure on the edges of a chip, which can lead quickly to a crack. Fixing a chip is also cheaper than windshield replacement. In some cases, repairs can be completed in just 30 minutes.


A damaged windscreen might jeopardize you and your travelers’ security. A chip decreases the strength of a windscreen, and damaged glass is much more likely to crack, according to repair experts Safelite AutoGlass ®. If you’re in a rollover mishap, you count on your windshield to help stop your car’s roof from collapsing. Your lorry glass also assists air bags release securely and effectively.


Diy windscreen repair work kits are available, but they may be more trouble than they’re worth if you aren’t a skilled specialist. It can be challenging to complete all the small cracks completely with resin. What’s more, if something fails with a self-repair, you may not have the ability to start over or fix it correctly. Ask your representative or take a look at your policy for in-depth info on exclusions that can apply to malfunctioning craftsmanship.


At Erie Insurance, we partner with Safelite ® Solutions to connect customers to more than 8,000 relied on car repair and glass replacement stores through our ERIEGlassSM program. (You always have the choice to pick your own repair expert, too.).




You must be doubtful of strangers who used to assist with a windshield repair when you didn’t request one. Windshield repair work harvesters position themselves at gas stations, convenience stores, cars and truck washes and even county fairs, and try to encourage chauffeurs to change completely great windshields. They even offer money rebates or other temptations like complimentary motion picture tickets or automobile washes. Do not offer your cars and truck insurance coverage information to anyone until you’re prepared to file a claim with your insurance provider. Discover how to find windshield scammers in this blog post.




Want to arrange a repair? Here are 3 questions to ask the windshield service center prior to you to proceed with the work: .


Are your auto glass installation service technicians licensed? Accreditation assists ensure the tech is trained completely on the correct procedures for repairing, removing and setting up vehicle glass.


How right after my glass is changed or repaired will I be able to utilize my automobile? Typically, a windshield repair work takes about 30 minutes or less and the car is safe to drive immediately. With a windscreen replacement, it’s essential to have your technician accurately recommend you of the safe drive away time, which can vary significantly depending upon the weather and the kind of setup materials used.


What type of service warranty will be supplied on the automobile glass materials and the repair work? A warranty might vary depending upon the type of repair work, but one should be available to you. For instance, Safelite ® repairs and replacements are covered by an across the country lifetime service warranty for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.



Erie Insurance has your back when it pertains to windscreen concerns. Speak to your regional representative about what your specific policy can cover. Generally speaking, here’s how your auto insurance coverage can start: .


Windscreen repair: In a lot of states where ERIE operates *, comprehensive protection from ERIE will cover the expense to repair a broken or chipped windscreen without charging the deductible. (Nice!).


Windshield replacement: In most states where ERIE works *, standard comprehensive coverage includes Glass Repair Coverage, which can cover the expense of a replacement windscreen– however you’ll need to pay your deductible. Here’s a little something extra to brighten a bad day: If you need a windscreen replacement, we’ll throw in a set of new wiper blades at no additional expense.


For an affordable cost, you can add the Zero Dollar Glass Deductible alternative to your ERIE vehicle policy. With it, you pay no deductible for a windshield replacement. Because protection differs by state , it’s best to evaluate your protection details with a licensed insurance representative.