Should You Repair or Replace Your Auto Glass

Should You Repair or Replace Your Auto Glass

A auto glass provides structural support, which means it makes you safe when you are driving. Seeing its importance, you need to have an intact windshield with no cracks.. In cases of inevitable wear and tear or an accident, the auto glass repair and replacement is highly recommended depending on the situation. The sooner it is done, the better it is for your safety and the quality of your vehicle.

But auto glass repair and replacement are two completely different processes. Knowing which is which will help you get the best solution for your windshield.  Here is a look at when to repair and when to replace.


You don’t have to replace a auto glass for every chip or a crack. As long as it can be repaired, you should fix it rather than getting a replacement. Usually, solution providers repair chips and cracks that are as long as three inches. If you are not sure, you can refer it to an expert. It can worsen if you leave unattended so it is vital to fixing it as soon as possible.

In repairing, the damaged portion is cleaned of dirt and moisture; then a strong resin is injected into that area of the windshield. It takes comparatively less time to get it done. Repairing can take as little as less than half an hour and replacement usually takes an hour. The decision to repair can be, in a way, environmentally friendly as well, because windshields are usually dumped once a replacement is done, with no value for reuse.

Repair Costs

Consult a well-experienced repair shop for information to help you make a better decision, whether the repair is enough or what kind of care you can take in the future. Repairing costs less and sometimes insurance companies also waive the deductible. They will cover the cost and you can do it almost free of cost. Early repairing can also save you from unnecessary troubles as the chip develops into cracks and gets worse.


However, when the damage is severe, replacement is the only option. In some other cases, repairing does not return your auto glass to its original condition. Once you take it to the auto repair glass shop, there is always a mark or a scar. If it gets into your field of vision, repairing is not encouraged; rather the windshield should be replaced. Again, it is necessary to go to the most experienced repair shop. As the auto glass is such an important structural part, there must be no compromise on the quality of the material or the replacement service.