Will Insurance Cover my Broken Windshield?

Will Insurance Cover my Broken Windshield?

Looks like your insurance agent has made some tall claims about the auto insurance that was sold to you is the best policy on the market. Nevertheless there was no way for you to realize that the policy being sold to you is actually not the greatest and you will have to cover some repairs, namely your windshield. Therefore, you should always do your homework about different auto insurance policies before actually getting one for your car. Never trust an insurance policy seller blindly without checking the papers that you are signing.

Is my auto insurance policy a good one?

A typical auto insurance policy doesn’t cover replacing or repairing a broken windshield unless your policy is a comprehensive auto insurance coverage one or full glass coverage, which is sometimes stated as a part of comprehensive coverage and sometimes a standalone policy. You might not know it, but even if it seems like your auto insurance policy is paying for the damages to your windshield glass, let me tell you it is a big misconception because the deductibles never let that happen. Deductibles are the charges that you will have to pay out of your own pocket if the cost of damage doesn’t exceed a certain value. Suppose an insurance company pays minimum 500$ of deductible for a damage, but your damage costs only 200$, here my friend you will end up paying the repair cost out of your own pocket.

Which is the best auto insurance policy?

Since repairing a cracked windshield glass is very inexpensive as compared to replacing it, therefore, insurance companies mostly prefer replacing your windshield unless it has completely shattered, in that case, a glass replacement could be possible, depending upon the state you are dwelling in, and whether your insurance policy supports it or not.

If your comprehensive auto insurance coverage bears glass repair contract, then the insurance company will repair or rarely replace your car’s windshield glass. You might not have to pay a deductible if a glass repair agreement exists in your policy. But these policies and their applicability’s vary regionally, therefore, we suggest you to check in with your insurance provider as soon as possible.

However, if full glass coverage is applicable in your state and your insurance policy has it opted in; there will be no need for you to pay for the windshield repair out of your own pocket. No deductibles will have to be receipted by you and that is a good thing.